Our Philoshopy

Oxford Competition Economics takes each project of our clients as ours. We build long-term relationships with our clients, so that their specific problems and concerns are equally ours. By internalizing the challenges of our clients, we deliver what it is necessary to achieve the goal.

We believe that a long-term relationship with our clients, based on mutual trust and sharing of corporate values, is key to deliver the appropriate results. This is our philosophy.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Analysis and competitive assessment of the effects of mergers and acquisitions. Definition of corporate strategies for the approval of M&A, including the design of merger-specific remedies.


Theoretical and empirical economic analysis for the understanding and assessment of unilateral practices (abuses of market power) and coordinated effects in markets and industries.

Regulatory Policy

Impact analysis of nation-wide or local regulations on the economic performance of markets. Design and assessment of asymmetric regulations applied to undertakings with market power.


Design of optimal tariffs in network industries as telecommunications, energy, financial services and transportation. Analysis of the economic impact of a tariff scheme on supply and demand conditions.


Expert testimony in economic and financial matters on behalf of corporations and governments in national and international arbitration procedures (AAA & ICC Arbitration Rules)


Analysis and calculation of economic damages stemming from either a breach of contract or antitrust violations. Financial valuations for the determination of damages using the tools of forensic economics.

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We implemented a partnership with Oxford Competition Economics to carry out a series of economic conferences and workshops in South Asia. The expertise of this consultancy in economic regulation and competition fits well in our endeavours in the region.

Dr. Imran Alvi
Chief Executive, Oxford Intellect LTD, UK