Oxford Competition Economics

We are an economic consulting firm with a strong background in the areas of antitrust, competition policy, economic regulation and, more generally, applied economic analysis to markets and industries. Oxford Competition Economics also provides consultancy services in the areas of corporate risk management, arbitration and forensic economics.

Our firm provides law firms, corporations and governments, robust analyses of economic issues to guide them in their processes of decision-making. Our team also provides expert economic testimony in legal and regulatory proceedings on behalf of corporations, regulatory agencies and other relevant stakeholders.

Our team of experts have held key positions in public, private and non-governmental institutions around the world. The CEO and Founder of the firm, Víctor Pavón Villamayor (Ph.D., Oxford), is an economic expert with more than twenty years of successful practice in the areas of antitrust, economic regulation, applied economic analysis and risk management in Latin America and Europe.

Oxford Competition Economics is continuously growing thanks to the support and trust of our clients. Our specialized advisory services in applied economics, antitrust, regulation and forensic economics make us one of the best economic consultancy firms in Latin America.

Business Principles

Our principles:

  • To provide robust and independent economic analysis to effectively support the cases of our clients.
  • To provide well-structured analysis of complex economic issues in markets using state-of-the-art microeconomic analysis.
  • To provide a multidisciplinary approach to the cases of our clients so that our economic analysis can be complemented with in-house legal and other technical services, if required.
  • To construct value-based long-term relationships with our clients for the fulfillment of their goals.
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We implemented a partnership with Oxford Competition Economics to carry out a series of economic conferences and workshops in South Asia. The expertise of this consultancy in economic regulation and competition fits well in our endeavours in the region.

Dr. Imran Alvi
Chief Executive, Oxford Intellect LTD, UK