Competition Policy

Conflictos Competenciales en Mercados Digitales: COFECE vs IFT

Revista del Instituto Belisario Domínguez del Senado de la República | Año 11 | No. 49 | Julio-Septiembre 2021 | México | PDF

Essential Inputs & Antitrust Barriers in the Mexican Economic Competition Regime

Antitrust Chronicle | Competition Policy International | July 2014 | PDF

Merger Control Reform in Brazil

Antitrust Chronicle | Competition Policy International | November 2011 | PDF

On Refusals to Deal in the European Competition Regime

Revista de Derecho de la Competencia | Vol. 5, No. 5 | pp. 133-161 | 2009 | Bogotá, Colombia | PDF


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We implemented a partnership with Oxford Competition Economics to carry out a series of economic conferences and workshops in South Asia. The expertise of this consultancy in economic regulation and competition fits well in our endeavours in the region.

Dr. Imran Alvi
Chief Executive, Oxford Intellect LTD, UK