Applied Economics


Use of econometrics and statistical methods to determine causality between variables and to quantity economic impacts and effects. Demand estimation. Economic forecasting. Time series analysis. Estimation of hedonic prices.

Cost Models

Financial modelling for the calculation of costs in specific industries as telecom, transportation, electricity and hydrocarbons, among others. Activity-Based Costing for the calculation of costs in the provision of services.

Market Surveys

Design and implementation of surveys to gather original data in specific markets. Using state-of-the-art sampling methodologies and statistical methods to produce original and useful data for relevant decision-making.

Economic Impact Analysis

Monetization of the impacts on economic activity stemming from the implementation of public policies, corporate decisions or exogenous shocks. Assessment of the market conditions to carry out successful investments.


Determination of optimal pricing for differentiated products and services through the precise measure of production and/or provision costs, economic value generated to consumers and market risks.

System Dynamics Modelling

Use of the system dynamics approach to study and to analyze complexity in economics and business: modelling of the actual & future performance of markets as a complex system and simulation of business scenarios.

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Analytical & Strategical