Antitrust and competition policy is one of the core services provided by Oxford Competition Economics. Our firm’s in-depth expertise on the main aspects of competition policy, such as market definition, determination of barriers to entry, identification of efficiency gains in mergers and acquisitions, as well as the characterization of monopolistic practices in markets and industries, allows us to provide top-rated economic consulting services to companies, competition authorities and international institutions around the globe.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Economic analysis of the competitive effects of mergers and acquisitions. Design of corporate strategies for the approval of M&A, including the design of merger-specific remedies.

Monopolistic Practices

Economic analysis for the identification of monopolistic practices (unilateral or coordinated effects) in markets.  Determination of unilateral or joint market power and its possible abuses.

Relevant Markets

Definition of relevant markets for the assessment of the competitive conditions prevailing in markets and for the assessment of market conduct by undertakings.

Essential Facilities Analysis & Barriers to Entry

Identification of essential facilities (inputs) for antitrust purposes as well as the identification of their likely access conditions. Characterization of barriers to entry and its impact on competition.

Vertical Restraints

Economic analysis of the competitive effects of commercial practices as Retail Price Maintenance, exclusivities, tying and bundling, discrimination and refusals to deal, among others.

Auctions & Tenders

Design of auctions schemes to promote competition between undertakings and to avoid coordinated practices. Design of optimal public and private tenders.

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