Oxford Competition Economics provides services for the economic quantification of damages stemming from any commercial or financial scenario in which one ─or more than one─ of the parties engaged in a business transaction, has been responsible for damages. Using principles of economic theory, statistical methods, forensic economics and financial analysis, we are able to provide precise estimates of damages for litigation or arbitration purposes.

Economic Damages

Antitrust Damages

Quantification of economic damages derived from antitrust violations in cases of unilateral conduct and coordinated practices between undertakings. Damage quantification for M&A ill-designed remedies.

Dumping Analysis

Quantification of damages in cases of unfair international trade practices between countries, as a consequence of the importation of goods under conditions of price discrimination or subsidization in the country of origin.

Contractual Damages

Quantification of economic damages derived from a breach of contract between business parties. Economic and forensic analysis of business interruption claims.

Forensic Economics

Analysis and financial evaluations of business disputes between parties for the determination of damages. Use of best international practices in forensic economics for damages calculation.

Damages in Financial Transactions

Assessment and quantification of economic damages stemming from illegal practices related to securities trading ─and other financial instruments─ in financial markets.

Damages in Settlements

Economic and financial assessment of the damages claimed during a process of settlement between either business parties or between non-related undertakings.

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