We provide state-of-the-art economic analysis to assess the competitive impact of mergers and acquisitions. We prepare expert economic reports to support the litigation processes of our clients (defendant or plaintiff) derived from market power abuses or collusive practices.

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Economic Regulation

We develop industry-specific financial models to calculate profit-maximizing or efficient tariffs in wholesale & retail markets. We assess the financial & competitive impacts of regulations in markets. We design economic-based regulatory proposals to improve market performance.

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We use statistical methods, economic analysis and accounting and financial principles to calculate economic damages stemming from different actions as antitrust violations, implementation of ill-designed regulations by authorities, breach of contracts or plain corporate negligence.

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Applied Economics

We use state-of-the-art economic analysis to solve the most challenging problems of our clients in areas as financial modeling, competitive strategies, demand estimation, cost optimization, pricing strategies and quantification of intangible assets, among others.

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We implemented a partnership with Oxford Competition Economics to carry out a series of economic conferences and workshops in South Asia. The expertise of this consultancy in economic regulation and competition fits well in our endeavours in the region.

Dr. Imran Alvi
Chief Executive, Oxford Intellect LTD, UK