Antitrust and competition policy is one of the core services provided by Oxford Competition Economics. Our firm’s in-depth expertise on the main aspects of competition policy allows us to provide top-rated economic consulting services to companies, trade associations, think tanks and other institutions. Our expertise includes market definition, determination of barriers to entry, identification of efficiency gains in mergers and other commercial practices, as well as the identification of monopolistic practices in markets and industries

Definition of relevant markets for the assessment of the competitive conditions prevailing in industries as well as for the assessment of market conduct.

Economic analysis for the identification of monopolistic practices, namely, unilateral or coordinated effects. Determination of unilateral or joint market power and its effects.

Economic analysis of the competitive effects of commercial practices such as Retail Price Maintenance, exclusivities, tying and bundling, discrimination and refusals to deal.

Identification of facilities and/or inputs that, from an antitrust perspective, can be considered as “essential” as well as the determination of the access conditions that may be imposed

Using robust economic theory and empirical analysis we characterize the barriers to entry that can be distorting the competitive conditions in markets and industries.

Design of auctions schemes to promote competition between participants as well as to reduce the likelihood of anticompetitive coordination. Competitive analysis of tenders.

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