Expert Testimony

Expert Testimony

Expert testimony in economics is instrumental in legal cases, regulatory proceedings or policy debates where economic analysis is required. Economists who provide expert reports play a crucial role in providing objective and informed opinions that help decision-makers understand the economic implications of their actions or resolve disputes involving economic matters. Oxford Competition Economics provides independent and unbiased testimony in economic and financial matters based on its expertise and robust analysis.

Conduct economic analysis including the review of financial documents, the statistical analysis of databases and the quantification of economic impacts.

We prepare expert reports in economics and financial matters that are fully supported by quantitative evidence such that our reports can be admissible in legal and regulatory proceedings.

In arbitration proceedings, we provide expert testimony in economics and financial matters. We communicate effectively and persuasively to arbitrators and other decision-makers.

We assist with settlement negotiations by providing economic analysis and expert opinions that can help parties reach a settlement agreement. We also provide expert opinions on the economic implications of proposed settlement terms.

By analyzing data and presenting our economic findings in a clear and concise manner, we can help in shaping public opinion and influencing policy decisions.

We apply economic theory, financial methodologies, statistics and accounting principles to legal cases and disputes to inform the opinion of decision-makers.


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