During the last few years, Oxford Competition Economics has participated as an economic advisor in numerous regulatory cases in different industries, including telecommunications, energy, air & terrestrial transportation and financial services, among others. We have supported clients with reports, analyses and expert testimonies addressing different areas of economic regulation, such as the determination of the level (and structure) of tariffs, the estimation of relevant costs for regulatory purposes and the assessment of the impacts of sector-specific regulations on the performance of firms and corporations.

Financial modeling for the calculation of optimal tariffs in industries as telecommunications, energy, financial services & transportation. Assessment of the impact of tariff schemes on industry performance.

Design of industry-specific regulations based on strong economic, legal and technical analysis. Impact analysis of proposed or implemented regulations on market performance.

Evaluation of industry-wide economic impacts of asymmetric regulations in markets with undertakings holding market power. Design of asymmetric regulations for network industries.

Economic valuation of spectrum assigned for telecommunications & broadcasting uses. Financial valuation of tangible assets in network industries. Auctions´ design.

Regulatory Impact Assessment of proposed regulations in markets and industries. Design & redesign of regulations to ensure their compatibility with competition objectives & specific policy goals.

Impact analysis of the implementation of price (or quantity) liberalization schemes in specific markets. Design of optimal strategies for corporations that operate in recently deregulated markets.


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