Applied Economics

Applied Economics

Using state-of-the-art economic theory and quantitative methods, Oxford Competition Economics offers high-quality applied economic analysis to enhance the understanding of markets and industries. Our applied analysis provides valuable insights to decision-makers who requiere timely and reliable information for specific matters. Our economic analysis has been presented by numerous clients as expert economic reports in litigation proceedings, discussions with government authorities and public policy debates.

Optimal pricing for differentiated products and services considering production/provision costs, consumer´s willingness to pay and market risks.

Financial modeling for the calculation of costs in industries as telecom, transportation and energy, among others. Activity-Based Costing for the calculation of costs in the provision of services.

Identification of causality between variables and quantification of the impacts stemming from the implementation of public policies, corporate decisions or exogenous shocks.

Design and implementation of surveys to gather original data. Use of statistical methods to analyze data and produce relevant reports for decision-making.

Use of econometrics and statistical methods to quantity relevant effects. Demand estimation. Economic forecasting. Time series analysis. Hedonic prices estimation.

Use of the system dynamics approach to study and analyze complex relationships in economics and business. Modeling of actual and future performance of markets as complex systems.


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