Oxford Competition Economics helps clients quantify damages stemming from commercial and financial scenarios in which one or more parties engaged in a business transaction can be liable. Our strong background in areas such as economic theory, statistical methods, accounting, forensic economics and financial analysis, allow us to quantify damages for litigation and arbitration purposes.

Quantification of damages derived from antitrust violations in cases of unilateral conduct and coordinated practices —collusion. Damage quantification derived from ill-designed remedies in mergers.

Quantification of damages derived from a breach of contract between business partners. Forensic and economic analysis of business interruption claims.

Analysis and quantification of damages stemming from illegal practices related to securities trading as well as trading in other instruments in financial markets.

Quantification of the damages that can be used as a focal point in the process of negotiation leading to the implementation of successful settlements.

Analysis and financial evaluations of business disputes between parties for the determination of damages. Use of best international practices in forensic economics for damages calculation.

Quantification of damages in cases of unfair trade practices in international markets.


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