Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Oxford Competition Economics is frequently retained by clients to provide strategic advice for their mergers or acquisitions in the marketplace. Our primary focus is on assisting corporations and their legal teams throughout the approval process of their mergers and acquisitions by competition authorities. Specifically, we offer robust economic analysis driven by data to assess the competitive impacts of M&A and joint ventures in the relevant markets affected by the proposed transaction. 

Implementation of due diligence procedures including the review of financial statements and projections, investment strategies, market positioning and other aspects of the target company.

Definition of relevant markets for concentration purposes which may imply the identification of markets affected directly and indirectly (related markets) by the transaction.

Calculation of the effects of mergers and acquisitions in standard (Herfindahl-Hirschman Index and Concentration Ratios) and non-standard concentration measures.

Identification and quantification of the merger-specific efficiency gains arising from the transaction and their impact on key variables such as costs, prices and quality.

Design of the sale of physical assets or business units by the merging parties to address the competitive concerns identified by antitrust authorities in a merger review.

Design of the behavioral remedies that can be proposed by the merging parties to reduce or eliminate potential competitive risks identified by competition authorities.


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