CFE Armando Cruz

Of Counsel, Forensics

CFE Armando Cruz

Of Counsel, Forensics

Areas of practice:

  • Antitrust & Competition Investigations

  • Financial Analysis and Valuations

  • Forensic Accounting

  • Damages

  • Bribery

  • Fraud

Armando Cruz is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) with expertise in fraud investigations, bribery and corruption assessments, forensic accounting, and expert reports for damages and valuations in legal proceedings and arbitrations. He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Instituto Politécnico Nacional (México) and was a director of Forensic & Risk services for international specialized consultancies.

During his time as Forensic & Risk consultant, Armando led several cross-border and high-profile fraud and corruption investigations for multinational entities for several industries primarily pharmaceutical, infrastructure, telecommunications, aviation, and manufacturing throughout Latin America. Investigations required extensive witness and subject interviews, electronic data collection and analysis, review and analysis of large amounts of financial and non-financial data.

Armando Cruz has served as accounting expert for the calculation of commercial damages derived from breach of contractual agreements and disputes; cancellation cost of major infrastructure projects; calculation of indirect cost overruns for construction projects; and financial fraud for arbitration, and legal proceedings.

Armando Cruz held positions as internal auditor for US based global corporations while living in the United States of America for almost 10 years. He started his professional career as financial auditor for one of the largest accounting firms based in Mexico City and held a controllership position for a leisure company in the west coast of Mexico.

Armando Cruz has an active participation in the Ethics, Infrastructure and Energy working groups at the Instituto Mexicano de Ejecutivos en Finanzas (IMEF), is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, member of the Accounting Experts Technical Group of the Colegio de Contadores Públicos de México (CCPM).

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